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Green Building For Orlando Custom Homes

green building custom kitchen appliancesRGS Custom Homes has always included many green building disciplines when building in Orlando and Central Florida communities providing homeowners with energy-efficient custom homes that use less energy, reduce carbon emissions and maximize comfort.  You could say that green building practices are woven into the fabric of everything we build.

As part of our commitment to building in an environmentally friendly manner, we use locally sourced wood products from sustainable forests. And we developed advanced building techniques that use less water, energy and waste during all phases of construction. We incorporate energy-efficiency into every custom home and offer additional energy-saving options for homeowners that want to increase their energy efficiency even further.

Solar Energy That’s Custom For You

A passive solar energy system is built into every RGS Custom Home. Using the building, design and siting of your home, the windows, floors, and walls act like solar collectors to distribute heat throughout your home in the cooler winter months and expel it during the summer months. Our drafting technician works with individual homeowners to help them maximize this green energy source in the layout of their new custom home.

Custom Home Insulation

Insulation in Florida? You bet! Remember that insulation keeps the cool inside when it is hot outside as well as it keeps the cold out in other climates. Having a well insulated home will reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort every day of they year.

Building codes dictate what is required in terms of your insulation, but as in most parts of your home RGS Custom Homes goes above and beyond that in their homes. The insulation requirements are designed into the home based on a number of factors including the facing direction of the home, number of windows, square footage and the HVAC units that are installed. All of the data is fed into a program that will deliver a determination of whether your plan is adequate or if it needs to be adjusted. This information allows that draftsman to design the duct systems and the placement of the air exchangers and a/c units. Heat pumps are built into most all A/C units today to handle those few weeks of winter that we get every year.

Attic spaces are insulated using a blown-in or batt type of insulation that will keep your comfort level where you want it no matter where you are in your home. Foam insulation may be injected into the spaces in the block construction or sprayed on the underside of the roof deck over living area if you are looking for a high insulation value, but many homeowners opt for foil backed thinner insulation strips that are attached to the firing strips on the inside of the block walls. On the second floor that utilizes wood frame construction the R-Value of the insulation on exterior walls will be greater and we can use foam or batt insulation. Interior walls in Florida typically do not require any insulation, but if you would like to add a bit of soundproofing to a particular room (Master Bedroom) you could add insulation around that room.

Insulated Windows and Doors

Typically, we install Therma-Tru® doors and MI or PGT insulated Low E-Glass windows in our custom homes. Both Energy Star qualified and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) these windows and doors help maximize energy efficiency and solar energy throughout the home. The special glass coating works two-ways: During the summer, the Low E-Glass reflects the solar rays away from the home, while reflecting the solar heat inside the home during the winter. This helps homeowners maintain desired interior comfort levels while relying less on central air and heat equipment.

Christmas Fl custom green home building for lighting

EnergyStar Appliances

RGS suggests that clients choose highly rated Energy Star certified washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances. We prefer that homeowners choose their own appliances to be installed in their custom home from brands they trust.

Eco Lighting In Home Building

RGS Custom Homes feature well-appointed eco-friendly LED interior and exterior lighting and fixtures for the ultimate in energy-efficiency and comfort. LED light bulbs operate at a much cooler temperature compared to traditional incandescent bulbs and cost approximately 11-12 cents per kilowatt hour to operate. That is five times less than the energy cost of traditional bulbs. Also, LED light bulbs have a life expectancy of about 5 to 10 years or more, depending on the type and usage.

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