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Foundations – Wedgefield New Home Building

new home building foundation in lake nona flBuilding a Solid Foundation

A solid foundation is the bedrock of a well-constructed home. To ensure the homes we build are structurally sound, we take the time to engineer a sturdy foundation to accommodate the weight of your custom home.

After the site preparation work has finished laying the groundwork, we begin installing the footings, stem wall or monolithic slab that will form the foundation of your custom home. Most custom homes here in Central Florida are built using a concrete slab foundation. It’s the best type of foundation for our warm climate and soil conditions.

Building Contractor & Water Pipes

All incoming water connections are piped throughout the home before the rebar is installed and cement is poured into the wooden forms of the foundation floor.  The inbound water connection is serviced from a private well or public water utility. The exit piping for solid waste is also installed for connections to either a septic tank, septic field or city water and sewer service.

If you have seen new homes that look as if there is an Indian burial ground in the yard, this is because the septic fields were not properly integrated into the natural landscape during the grading. It should be a gradual slope that is not noticeable yet provides a natural process for water to run away from the house – reducing any chances of flooding in our Florida torrential rains.

Pouring the Slab In New Home Construction

When the cement trucks arrive early in the morning they pour the cement material inside the foundation forms. Construction crews spread and smooth out the cement to form a concrete pad. Outdoor patios or lanais are also built along with the floor of the garage area. Each area is poured separately. You will notice that the shower areas are depressed a few inches. This is to contain the water below the flooring surface.

orlando fl certified building contractor for new homesMost of the foundation slab will be approximately 4” thick, but footings run much deeper. There are also several places that will have footings in the interior section of the home wherever load bearing walls have been determined by the engineer to maintain structural integrity.

There are times when a new homeowner visits the site after the forms are in place and think that the home looks small. This is an optical illusion. When looking at the home’s footprint without the structure gives a false impression of its actual size. So, don’t be fooled by its appearance before the structure takes shape!

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