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Roofing – Orlando New Custom Homes

custom homes and roof being built by residential contractor in wedgefield flYour new custom home really starts to come together when the roofing is installed. At RGS Custom Homes, you can choose from several different types of roofing systems, styles and colors that will make your custom home uniquely yours.

While local building codes determine the minimum requirements for installing roofing systems, RGS Custom Homes goes above and beyond statutory requirements offering homeowners the option to choose a more durable and longer lasting roof for your custom home. We will help you understand the benefits of each type of roofing to help you decide the one that best matches your design and budget.

Custom Architectural Shingle

Architectural shingle roofs are a premium quality roof that not only offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance but is superior in performance to standard 3-tab asphalt shingle roofs that are commonplace in many tract homes today. Also, architectural shingle roofs generally have a 30-40-year lifespan compared to the 15-20-year life of a standard asphalt shingle roof. They are available in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures that will enhance the beauty of any custom home.

custom clay tile roofing in orlando fl and waterford lakes

Custom Concrete Tile

Concrete tile roofs are a premium roof that offers instant curb appeal. Concrete tile looks a lot like clay tile and offers much of the same benefits but at a lower cost. One of its big advantages is its ability to withstand hurricane force winds up to 180 mph. And if the underlayment, batten system and flashing are properly installed, this type of roof can last  40-50 years before requiring replacement. It is available in several prominent colors and textures to match your exterior design expectations.

Roof Installation

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The “valleys” of your roof is where the water accumulates most of the runoff when it rains. Building codes require roofers to install a Base Flashing of either corrosion-resistant metal as provided in Section R905.2.8.1 or mineral surface roll roofing weighing a minimum of 77 pounds per 100 square feet. Although not required – WE DO BOTH as an added measure of protection. None of the custom homes we have built in the Orlando area has sustained any structural or roof damage during the recent hurricanes while our competitors homes were riddled with missing shingles due to poor installation techniques like having the nails over penetrate the shingles effectively leaving the shingles unsecured. Our strong building techniques will help to ensure that your home will stand up in the next storm.

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