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HVAC – Wedgefield / Orlando New Homes

custom state of the art HVAC & air conditioning in orlando fl

We’re slightly more than half way completed with building your custom home and with the interior framing complete, it’s time to bring in the HVAC crew that will be responsible for installing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in your new home.

Air Conditioning & Heating

With our sub-tropical climate, the central air conditioning system is not only essential to maintaining the desired comfort level of your home, it is vital to the health and safety for you, your family and your guests. Our designer will determine the right HVAC system for your home based on several parameters including interior square footage, ceiling height, insulation R-values, directional facing, and amount of glass and window openings. This is important because a system that is too small will increase maintenance costs and burn out sooner, and a system that is too big will waste energy and increase utility costs and cool down the home too fast, not properly condition the air by removing the moisture leaving you with a damp cold home and creating the ideal conditions for mildew.


Remember those final plans we discussed earlier? These plans indicate where the central A/C and heating equipment will be installed including the duct work, compressor and pad, air handler, evaporator unit, and disconnects.

Dual Zone A/C

Depending on the size of your custom home, you may have a single or dual zone system. In a dual zone system, each zone can operate independently of each other. Its like have 2 A/C systems instead of one large unit. The advantage of a dual zone system is that it allows you to heat or cool the area of your home where family members spend most of the time. Such as on the lower floor during the day and the upper floor in the evening. Rather than wasting energy by cooling or heating large unoccupied areas of the home. Damper systems can also be utilized in a one zone system with great results.

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Custom State Of The Art Air Condition & Heating

All RGS custom homes feature EnergyStar air conditioning and heating systems with the latest technologies. These state-of-the-art systems require much less energy to keep your home comfortable. They also operate much quieter too. The digital thermostats can be operated remotely with your smart phone or configured with a smart home system.

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